Gratitude for Teachers

Showing SUPPORT and GRATITUDE for our teachers is more important than ever before with budget driven controversies raging and a teacher workforce crisis looming large.

The situation in Arizona is dire; our teachers need our help, and our respect, support and demands that schools are well led, that teachers continue professional development, that the community acknowledges their value, and that they are paid fairly for the contribution they make to Tucson and beyond.

So how can you help? 
We all have a teacher that has made a significant impact on our lives or on the lives of our children. Tucson Values Teachers is launching a campaign to solicit $10 (or more) from every household in Southern Arizona in the name of the teacher for whom you want to show gratitude. Make your donation today, we'll pay it back and forward at the same time.

Tucson Values Teachers' mission is to RESPECT, REWARD, AND INVEST in the teachers of Southern Arizona. Help us fulfill our mission and build a community of the future that values its teachers today-respects them, supports them and makes sure their classrooms and our students are a success.