Tucson Supports Teachers Fund

With a generous investment of $50,000, Jim Click is anchoring the new Tucson Supports Teachers Fund drive, an endeavor of Tucson Values Teachers and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council. Money raised during the multi-year, sustaining fundraising campaign will be used to directly support the district, private, and charter school teachers of Southern Arizona with school supplies and professional development. The Tucson Supports Teachers Fund will also support TVT programming that works to build respect for, and reward and invest in our teachers.

Teachers are our partners in the economic future of Southern Arizona, and are the key factor in the success of our students. Southern Arizona businesses, both large and small, can invest in teachers by supporting the Tucson Supports Teachers Fund. Jim Click's goal is to have at least 100 business leaders match his investment by pledging $1,000 or more. Individuals in the community can also invest in teachers by making a donation (at any dollar amount) in honor of their favorite teacher.

Please join Mr. Click and Tucson Values Teachers and invest in high-quality education for all. Donations to TVT are tax deductible.

Click the button below to donate directly to the Tucson Supports Teachers Fund. Or you can send a check payable to Tucson Values Teachers to 3497 N. Campbell Ave, Suite 703, Tucson, AZ, 85719.