Teachers' Voices

Honoring the true professionalism and dedication of our teachers

Teachers’ Voices is a special series designed to highlight the true professionalism of teachers in Southern Arizona. Produced by Arizona Public Media in partnership with Tucson Values Teachers, UA College of Education, and Cox Communications, Teachers’ Voices are 60 second television and radio spots that feature classroom teachers translating real world experiences into classroom lessons, and sharing teaching expertise, their passion for education, and stories of student achievement.

From 2010-2012, Teachers’ Voices consisted of 2-3 minute radio segments airing on Arizona Spotlight, and modeled after the highly successful NPR StoryCorps. Visit the Teacher's Voices web page to hear these stories.

Video stories below by Thomas Casey, and produced by Arizona Public Media in partnership with Tucson Values Teachers, UA College of Education, and Cox Communications

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    Betsy Wilkening

    Betsy Wilkening is a science teacher at Wilson K-8 School. She has the opportunity to participate in international scientific expeditions. This outside experience keeps her lesson plans relevant and fresh.
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    Scott Weiler

    Scott Weiler is a science teacher at Amphi Middle School. He shares his appreciation for science by bringing real-world applications into the classroom.
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    Carrie Brennan

    Carrie Brennan is the Principal and Executive Director of City High School. She speaks about the importance of investing in teachers through mentoring.
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    Scott Whitlock, Ph.D.

    Scott Whitlock is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Presidio Schools. He believes common core curriculum enhances critical thinking skills in his students.
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    Kristel Foster

    Kristel Foster is a Program Specialist at Sunnyside Unified School District. She comes from a family of teachers and she serves as a mentor to other teachers.
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    Arnulfo Velasquez

    Arnulfo Velasquez is a middle school math teacher and is studying for his Ph.D. at The University of Arizona’s College of Education. During 15 years of teaching, he has found ways to bridge language & cultural barriers in his classrooms, while maintaining high standards in his lessons.
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    Brandi Dignum

    Brandi Dignum is a music teacher at Richardson Elementary. She has witnessed the power of music to transform her students' educational experience.
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    Steve Purkiss

    Steve Purkiss is a science teacher at PPEP TEC High School. Connecting with his students is key and new learning technologies help foster the engagement needed to reach them.
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    Joline Riddle

    Joline Riddle is a Kindergarten Teacher at Sewell Elementary. Her first experience with teaching was volunteering at the same school attended by her younger sister. Her fascination with the process of teaching turned into her career.
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    Julie Kasper

    Julie Kasper is an ESL teacher at Catalina Magnet High School and the co-founder of Finding Voice. Finding Voice was created to meet the educational needs of refugee and immigrant students.