About Us

Tucson Values Teachers is a regional initiative determined to prove that we should not just talk about the importance of improving education, but must unify in action to Retain, Recruit and Reward our K-12 teachers who play a central role in our region's Economic and Civic Prosperity.

The Three R's: Tucson Value Teachers isn't just another apple-for-a-teacher public campaign. It is about fostering and encouraging the collaboration, optimism and support necessary to Retain, Recruit and Reward K-12 teachers who, every day, nurture and educate the nation's presidents, doctors, artists, legislators and teachers of tomorrow.

We're aiming to transform the way our region values its most important asset: the men and women who spend more time with our children than many parents can. Go to our Get Involved listing to see what you can do.


A Special Thanks to Our Funding Partners

The Helios Education Foundation, the University of Arizona Foundation, The Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona, The Zuckerman Community Outreach Foundation, Raytheon, Jim Click Automotive, the Diamond Family Foundation, Cox Communications, Wells Fargo, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, and the Community Finance Corporation.

TVT's Origins

In March 2007, the "Economic Blueprint" from Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities (TREO) concluded that educational excellence is one of the keys to "boldly secure and shape this region's destiny."

Two months later, participants in the Tucson Regional Town Hall ranked education the top priority among all their recommendations on a dozen important regional issues. They spelled out the Tucson region's education promise to its children: To provide "each child with the lifelong opportunity to become a literate, functioning member of the local community, as well as society at large."

During this same time, local superintendents were telling business leaders at the Pima County Business and Education Roundtable that if the schools could recruit and retain great teachers,"that would make all the difference."

From this flowing together of concepts both intellectual and practical, put forth by wide collectives of people, a simple yet powerful idea emerged: to create a community-wide campaign to be called Tucson Values Teachers.

Driven organizationally by the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, Tucson Values Teachers quickly gained broad community support. Business, educational and nonprofit organizations recognized not only the importance of quality teachers, but also the importance of the Tucson Values Teachers idea to the region's future.

It is no small challenge to change the culture of a community, but Tucson loves challenges! TVT is your opportunity to step up, make a difference and change history.