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There is much to do to show a K-12 Teacher They Are valued.  Here are a few ideas - choose one and do it today! 


Tucson Values Teachers (TVT) is an innovative approach to educational reform that grows out of strong partnerships among businesses, educators and the community.

TVT has met early success with programs, including well-paid internships and a range of discounts and incentives that are built on business/education partnerships. Click on internships and incentives to learn how to get involved.

The Southern Arizona Leadership Council ( partners with Tucson Values Teachers as its central educational initiative. Sun Corridor, Inc. (, which has identified education as a central issue for the region, is also a strong TVT partner.

Here are other suggestions - for businesses and the community -  on how to get step up, and Join Team TVT:

• The next time you're at the grocery store, buy an extra notebook, a pack of pencils or a box of crayons for a classroom.

• Instead of another mug, give a teacher a gift card to an office supply store.

• Help out on a class field trip.

• Help elect legislative leaders that support a robust educational system.

• Join the fight to secure higher pay for K-12 teachers.

• Read to a child after school.

• Donate to TVT at

• Give a teacher a summer job.

• Offer underpaid teachers a discount on services or products at your business.

• Invite a TVT representative to speak at your association's next meeting.

• Stay in the loop - sign up for our e-mail list at

• Volunteer to be part of the TVT Speaker's Bureau and spread the word on how we can better value our K-12 teachers.

• Tell a teacher how much you appreciate what they do.

Learn More about TVT and get more ideas on how to help:

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